What Is a Brand Story?

  • It’s what your brand stands for
  • It is the narrative background that connects to customers on a human level
  • It’s not the what of your brand, but it is just as important
  • It is the why and the how behind it all
  • It’s the personal details of your brand
  • It’s the parts of your brand that resonate and dig deeper with your customer

What Is Brand Story Marketing?

Elements at the heart of a good brand story:

The Science Of A Compelling Brand Story

They Make Sense Naturally

They Let Open Minded Moments Happen

They Create an Emotional Connection

They Break Through the Noise

Your Brand Without a Brand Story

Six Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Write Your Brand Story

1)You will create lifelong customers

2)You will create brand loyalty among your employees

3) You will attract investment

4) You will be able to lead your own narrative

5) You’ll attract more market share

6) Your customer will remember your brand

Content Marketing vs. Storytelling Marketing

The Difference Between Content Marketing and Storytelling Marketing

  • Brand media mentions
  • Content marketing
  • Core values and mission statement
  • Customer experience and reviews
  • Customer service
  • Employee experience
  • Event marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • PR Campaigns
  • Presentations
  • Social Media
  • Superbowl ads
  • Taglines
  • Advertorials
  • Blog Posts
  • Educational Videos
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers

Storytelling Marketing

Content Marketing

A Brand Story Is a Long-Term Messaging Strategy

How to Write A Brand Story: The Key Elements

  • A beginning, middle, and conclusion
  • The main character
  • Supporting characters
  • A plot and maybe sub-plots
  • Humanity and emotion

Storytelling Marketing

Here are a few ways to find your brand story:

  • What is your brand statement? Why your company exists, its ethos…the origin story, the deeper purpose of the brand.
  • What is your brand’s vision? Beyond the function of your product, what changes do you want to make in the world? Think about what your brand stands for.
  • What is the brand mission? Consider the overarching benefit of your brand. The quick two-line brand message.
  • What are the brand values? The values that motivate you and your employees. What is your core message?
  • What makes you different? The unique value proposition of your brand.
  • Why do you exist? The purpose of your brand is a great place to start looking for meaning in your brand story.
  • Voice and tone. What does your brand say, how does it say it, where does it say it? What is your brand personality? What doesn’t it say?
  • Customer insights. Conduct surveys, mine the Internet, live in the same world as your target audience.
  • Market understanding. Pay attention to the stories told by other brands in your business world. Is there a subject gap? Room for a response?
  • Product design and packaging. Does the product embody the brand values and story?
  • Brand name. The name of the brand should evoke the emotion associated with your brand story.

Follow One of the Seven Formulas

Seven formulas of great stories:

  1. Rebirth — the hero travels out of their world into the unknown and returns changed (Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo)
  2. Tragedy — the hero does not achieve their goal (Romeo and Juliet, Breaking Bad)
  3. Comedy -the hero experiences comedic situations (Midsummer Night’s Dream, Parenthood)
  4. Rags to riches — the hero is exceptional but dismissed at first but something lifts them up and people see how special they are (Aladdin, Superman)
  5. Quest — the hero goes on a long and perilous journey and overcomes obstacles (Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz)
  6. Overcoming the monster — the hero must slay an evil monster and save the world (Dracula, King Kong)
  • The hero — the main character
  • The guide — helps the main character achieve their desire or face their obstacle

Map Out the Characters

  • Select a hero that your customer can relate to
  • Choose a guide that represents your brand

Develop an Emotional Journey

Come Up with a Great Story Challenge

Come up with the Ideal Story Solution

Common Features of a Powerful Brand Story (Examples)

1. Meaningful

2. Credible

3. Consistent

  • Voice and tone
  • Design
  • Scheduled outreach
  • Content topics
  • Logo placement

4. Simple

5. Unique & Remain Authentic

6. Be Customer Focused

Where Should You Tell Your Brand Story?

What Does it Take to Tell Your Brand’s, Digital Story?

  • Copywriter
  • Graphic designer
  • Art director
  • Brand strategist
  • Videographer
  • Project manager
  • Producer

Getting Started with Your Brand Story




I'm a social media marketing story, manager, and founder of Social Motto Social Media Marketing Agency in Detroit.

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Kim Stricker

Kim Stricker

I'm a social media marketing story, manager, and founder of Social Motto Social Media Marketing Agency in Detroit.

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