The Ultimate Guide To Generating B2B Leads With Instagram Stories

What Are Instagram Stories?

5 Stats That Show Why Instagram Stories is great for B2B Leads

What Makes Instagram Stories a Powerful Marketing Tool for B2B Marketers?

How to Generate b2b leads With Instagram Stories

8 Ways To Use Instagram Stories For B2B lead generation

2. Tips and Guides

3. Provide Social Proof & Share Client Success Stories

4. Meet the Company

5. User-Generated Content

6. Direct Interaction with Instagram Users

  • Ask-Us-Anything Session: Forget webinars ask questions! This is a lower effort way to demonstrate your expertise with just as big a reward. You post a simple custom sticker to your story asking for questions and then post your responses. You can enlist the business owner or even use individual employees as experts, highlighting company culture along the way. Not only do you help answer questions for a broad audience, but it helps establish a relationship with potential customers who you can DM on Instagram directly afterward.
  • Quizzes: Creating fun ways to test your audiences’ knowledge is a fun way to grab their attention and offer subject matter expertise.
  • Sliders and Polls: Using tools that get your audience’s opinions is a great example of how you can collect valuable information that can be used to drive sales or create future marketing campaigns to drive leads

7. A Co-Branding Promotional Collaboration

8. Instagram Stories Takeover

B2B Lead Gen from an Instagram Business Account

1. Generate Leads that Go to A Landing Page

2. Run Instagram Lead Generation Ads

Instagram Marketing Success-Leverage Highlights

  • FAQs
  • Product highlights
  • Meet the team
  • User-generated content
  • Testimonials

The Wrap-Up…




I'm a social media marketing story, manager, and founder of Social Motto Social Media Marketing Agency in Detroit.

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Kim Stricker

Kim Stricker

I'm a social media marketing story, manager, and founder of Social Motto Social Media Marketing Agency in Detroit.

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