The Ultimate 7-Step Cheat Sheet For A Instagram Stories Takeover

To create and maintain a popular online social media campaign as we do as a digital marketing agency you should consistently post top-quality, innovative and intriguing content. And that’s where Instagram’s Story takeovers are a great strategy to add to your social media toolbox.

To put it simply for now before I go into further detail, an Instagram takeover is defined as a user or brand taking over another user’s Instagram account for a specific period to post their own content. It’s a win-win strategy because two brands or people get exposure and can expand your Instagram account with fresh and engaging posts with user-generated content and the hosted account can tap into a new audience as well, so yeah it’s a sure win win!

Instagram takeovers are a great way to boost your brand’s organic awareness, engagement, and conversions on top giving your Instagram account a shot of adrenaline

There is no doubt about it the boost of excitement among your followers is a great way to give your Instagram account a shot of energy and momentum.

When you host an Instagram story takeover its thrilling! It rejuvenates your social media campaign for your business or brand that otherwise could be getting a bit humdrum by just by introducing a fresh perspective from anyone. It could be a star, an influencer, an employee or just a fan anybody really.

So What Is an Instagram Story Takeover Really About?

Yes, you will need to share your login credentials but it’s worth it….

Who Can You Choose To Take Over Your Instagram Story?

Why Does It Work?

It takes talent and skill to capture a story within a timeframe of 10 seconds. But those who manage to summarize their story and message make a powerful positive influence on their target audience and their brand.

So Where to Start
Who Can You Work Together With For An Instagram Takeover?

Here are the six key points to a successful Instagram takeover:

When choosing the right fit, you should consider the fact that takeovers should provide a 50/50 value exchange for your business and the other party. The poster can be a person or another brand. Consider a: Company or brand, Business partner, Industry Influencer, Team member, Employee, Customer, or Community member when choosing your guest poster.

2.) Set the ground rules

It’s important to set clear goals/expectations once you have chosen your guest poster. Consider including the length of takeover, type of content, frequency of posts, any required or suggested hashtags, and any off-limit topics in your guideline. You should also decide if you will do a complete takeover or a partial one.

3.) Generate buzz

It’s a good idea to promote the takeover beforehand, especially if you have a big name influencer. You should introduce your guest poster before, so your followers aren’t confused during the takeover.

4.) Launch and monitor

Once the takeover has launched, make sure there is a team member dedicated to managing comments and feedback. For a more authentic takeover, you can have the guest poster respond to comments, but someone should always be managing in case of any negative feedback or questions.

5.) Wrap it up and analyze

Be sure to make it clear to your followers once the takeover has ended. Once it is over with, analyzing metrics such as views, likes, comments, direct messages, mentions, etc. will give you an understanding of how successful the takeover was.

6.) Rinse, revise and repeat

When used properly, Instagram takeovers are a great marketing opportunity as it is a chance to establish business partnerships while giving your followers fun content.

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Apply Our 7-Step Cheat Sheet For A Instagram Stories Takeover

Before you launch the takeover, you should establish account permissions. Decide if you’ll allow full access to your account or if you want to confirm each post before it’s up. You can approach permissions in a variety of ways. If you’re handing over your account to a person who you trust, you can disclose your Instagram password.

Even if the content is already created, when you post an Instagram Story you must add tags at the time of your publishing. If you go Live on Instagram, you could organize a joint Live session. In addition to the standard setup, which you can establish using Instagram’s options, you could also install a third party program, which can help you efficiently manage access from start to finish or automate the approval process.

Step 2)
Align Goals and Targets

To increase your takeover’s success, your business goals should match those of the takeover person’s. It’s a win-win scenario. For example, if you own a consultancy business, you could organize a takeover with one of the industry leaders who share your brand’s goals and values.

Users will interact with the respective leader and use the takeover’s specific hashtag to engage in conversations. The strategy works because it’s mutually beneficial. And it’s a highly interactive approach, which adds more value to your account than standard posts.

Step 3)
Promotion to Attract Interest

When it comes to promoting your takeover, you should have an opening post and closing post. This way, you’ll define the beginning and finish of your takeover event. And if you’re only including your Stories in the takeover, you could use other content options for its promotion. You could start endorsing the takeover a week before it starts. It’ll build anticipation and increase engagement.

But you can also promote your takeover by posting videos on your Insta grid. Or leverage the capabilities of Instagram Live and direct messaging. Also, with Instagram ads, you can push your promotion passed your followers. And you should create a branded hashtag so people can easily identify your takeover.

Step 4)
Showcase a Normal Day in Your Life

If you decide to showcase a day in your life, you should show users what it’s like to be you, don’t just tell them. Introduce yourself in the first post and use your Instagram handle. When you start posting, you can include interviews, offer tips as evidence of your expertise, and welcome questions from your followers.

For example, you can start your Story by showing what time you wake up in the morning to start hustling. By providing real information such as the unglamorous side of being an entrepreneur, you’ll increase the Story’s engagement rates. That’s because authenticity strengthens your brand’s connection to your target audience.

Step 5)
Create a Unique Experience

Considering that around 300 million Stories are posted on Instagram every day, to achieve increased engagement rates, you should create unique experiences for your followers. For example, you could shoot Stories in exceptional locations such as ice caves or blue lagoons, to give your videos a unique style, which the brand’s audience would appreciate. Use the photos and videos you’ve created and set-up intriguing Stories to announce the launch of the product you’re promoting.

Step 6)
Use Instagram’s Tools

You can increase reach and engagement by being creative with Instagram hashtags and “@” handles. To reach a larger audience during your Story, you should use geotags, around six hashtags, and tag people so you’re sure they see the posts. And, to make the Story entertaining, you can use a variety of filters for selfies and videos, organize a poll, add emojis, and produce top-quality content to establish a strong connection with your prospects.

Step 7 )

End It with a Bang!

Once you reach the end of your Story takeover, you should include a call-to-action. For the best results, you should use an innovative strategy. For example, you can ask your followers to continue the Story themselves and organize a competition for the best ending. And if you can access the Swipe Up Instagram feature, you can include a link to your profile or website.

Also, because you took over another business’s account, you should provide the owner with relevant data concerning the event such as the number of views and screenshots, how many people watched the Stories during the takeover and the percentage of increase in new followers.

The Wrap Up

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