How To Leverage LinkedIn for B2B Sales Leads and Recruiting

Develop a Sales Funnel

  • Awareness — Informational online content that introduces your brand to your audience and increase organic reach.
  • Consideration — Share customer testimonials and user reviews about your products and services to show their effectiveness.
  • Decision — Publish case studies, white papers, and webinars to provide information on how your company can help them.

Optimize Your Company Page

  • Personalize your LinkedIn page — Make sure you have all the basic information including your job title, a great profile picture, tagline, and logo this will help you leverage your brand name and brand awareness to establish consistency across all platforms. Don’t forget your positioning statement in the description, the website address, location, industry, company size and services (Linkedin calls these specialties and they are absolutely essential). Last but not least, personalize your Linkedin page URL.
  • Optimize your images — Scale your cover image (1128 x 191) and company logo (300 x 300) to their correct sizes and dimensions.
  • Build Showcase Pages — Focus on the higher quality facets of your brand, such as recent accomplishments, accounts, and employee spotlight. Showcase Pages put a personal touch to your LinkedIn profile page about your business and build credibility to your audience. make sure to make the pages descriptive by entering more information about each.
  • Join LinkedIn groups as a company — Search for relevant groups to reply to existing discussions or create new ones. By being active in these communities, you receive more visitors to your company profile.

Share Text-Based Posts More Frequently with LinkedIn Users

The best way to maximize your marketing reach for potential leads is all-text content without links

  • Provide solutions to a problem that the majority of your target audience has
  • Write a summarized version of the text for skimmers
  • Share actual experiences you have regarding the topic so they can relate to your story
  • Use hashtags to increase post reach and visibility
  • Offer something for free, i.e., ebooks, guides, etc.!

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Frequently Asked Questions…

How do you leverage sales on LinkedIn?

How do B2B sales work on LinkedIn?

How do I generate B2B leads on LinkedIn?

How do you generate leads for B2B sales?

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I'm a social media marketing story, manager, and founder of Social Motto Social Media Marketing Agency in Detroit.

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Kim Stricker

Kim Stricker

I'm a social media marketing story, manager, and founder of Social Motto Social Media Marketing Agency in Detroit.

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