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Using Slang and Hopping on Trends

Remember when your mother would say “Well, just because Tommy did it doesn’t mean you should?” Yep, that applies to social media too. It may be tempting to join in on popular words, phrases or even viral social behaviors, but be sure to stick to your brand and do your research first.

Excessive Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach a greater audience and increase engagement, but there can be also too much of a good thing( if you’re interested in how to find the perfect hashtag you can read a bit more here). Sure, after gathering brand hashtags, popular hashtags, niche hashtags, and broad hashtags your list can become #overwhelming very quick. This is why it’s very important to test out which work best for your brand and utilize powerful ones the most.

  • Posts with nine hashtags perform best on Instagram.
  • On Facebook, the ideal number of hashtags is one.

Me, Me, Me

Via Hootsuite


Consistently misleading your audience is a poor way to convert them into loyal customers and alienating them for good! Yes, clicks are important, but you want clicks that matter (i.e ones that are the beginning steps for forming a valuable relationship).

Posting obsessively and too often-Find a balance

This is a tricky one. Post too little and your brand isn’t worth following. Post too much and your brand is annoying.

So how often should you post on social media and what are the best times to post?

Even if each post is well thought out, contains quality copy and images, the right hashtags and is of interest to your audience — it can still feel like spam. A good rule of thumb is to post on Facebook twice per day, Twitter 3 times per day, Instagram once per day and LinkedIn once per day. If you feel as though you are not getting all of the content you have planned published, try utilizing some of each platform’s other features such as Instagram and Facebook stories. This allows you to post without really posting.

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